Thursday, March 22, 2007


I have for awhile now been wanting to do an Easter egg card out of the shape of an egg...So here it is...Used some older scenic route papers, lots of flowers and some cute little buttons and rhinestones. FOR SOME REASON THE PICTURE CAME OUT DARK ON THIS CARD...IS REALLY HAS A MUCH NORE SETTLE LOOK TO IT.


chelemom said...


As always you created a beautiful card! Your cards have such an old-fashioned quality to them. Love that!! I have a question about submitting to Cricut. How do you do that? I have some things in the gallery but that is it.

regina said...

hi chelemom, you should be able to click on the submit button at this link:

if that doesn't work, let me know....I have the email address to the editor and I use to just submit directly to her...I would need to find it though (smile)..thanks again and have a blessed day.

iralamija said...

I love this one Regina!! Is so beautiful! Thanks for the lovely e-mail you sent me I HOpe I can get publish some day, Check dream designs, new flowers arrived! I fixed the shipping cost,

Bety :)