Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Alrighty Rosella tagged me the other day, so I will play along and tag a few people myself....

Okay so I am suppose to give 7 facts or habit about myself and then tag 7 other peoples blogs, so here it goes: Some may sound a little simple or corney, but hey at this present moment in my life these are my habits and facts about me.

1. Every since I purchased my Cricut machine (the bug) I practically play with and give the darn machine more time then I give my kids, hubby etc.

2. There is this song on a gospel cd by Yolanda Adams where she is singing it with another gentlemen and I would like to one day get in front of a huge audience and sing the song with my husband....

3. If I could, I would eat strawberries and shrimp each and everyday...These two items make a wonderful snack to me.

4. I feel like I can't go on with the day if my house is a mess.....and that means everyone's rooms; kitchen, bathrooms, kids rooms, game room etc.....drives me nuts....(yes I know bad habit to have) I need to get over because it literally gives me a headache worrying about it.

5. Sometimes I can spend literally spend hours looking at one blog after is so addicting...I can't get enough of you talented ladies work.

6. I watch Extreme Home Makeover each and every Sunday....Love that show and would love to one day help out a family.

7. For my last fact about myself and one that I am not to proud of is that I haven't worked on my kids (I have 4 kids) scrapbooks in months/years....I may have done one here and there, but that's all and I hate that. Every since I got into making cards, I can't STOP.

Alrighty here are a few peoples blogs that I think you should check out...(some of them may have already been tagged before, so I guess they inspire a lot of people)....

1. Melissa: I seriously check this ladies blog everyday....can't get enough of it.

2. Iralamija: Well what can I say, you will just have to check it out for yourself...she is great and has some awesome flowers she sells.

3. A Bit East: I just found this blog a few weeks ago and I am hooked on her style, love it.

4. Samm: Okay here is one of my Cricut friends...check her site out...she does great cards.

5. Stamping caz: Okay here is another one of my Cricut friends....I tell you she has got the Bella cards rolling.

6. Robyn: Oh my goodness this lady is awesome, awesome, and so nice....I want my layouts to be just like hers when I grow up (he he he)

7. Allison: Okay this girl has got all the information on her site about all kinds of blog candy, how to's and so much more and does great cards herself....thanks Allison for all the informative stuff on your site.



Robynw said...

I'm so thrilled you thought enough of me to tag me!! You're such a fabulously scrappy chick!! And let me know when you and dh are gonna be hitting the stage!!

Samm said...

Ahhhh, wow, I've been tagged!!! I'm not sure I know that many bloggers!!! thanks for thinking of me, love your blog as usual! x