Friday, May 24, 2013

KEEP CALM AND................

I see these KEEP CALM AND phrases just about everywhere I designed a few sets over at the Cutting Cafe and this week we are featuring these sets on the Cafe's blog....
Here is my take using the 3 sets:
This first set of cards uses the KEEP CALM AND HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY and KEEP CALM AND REACH FOR THE STARS. The set also comes with a matching envelope in which I did them in polka dots.
(by the way, disregard the misspelling in the positive word) UGH

 Then I used the KEEP CALM AND.....word shaped card for this cupcake the colors.

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Georgiana said...

Love your set! Such a popular catch phrase right now.

Happy Memorial Day weekend,
• Carson's Creations •

mickeydee said...

Keep calm.........that is wonderful advice. Love your projects girl, they are always wonderful! sending hugs, d

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