Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MUSTACHE'S ANYONE...............

So Mustache's are hot right now and the Cafe site has a whole new MUSTACHE SHAPED CARD SET....There is a Money holder, shaped card and window card....See the full set here...
Here are a few projects using the set:

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Hello everyone....today I want to share a two boxes that I did using the CANDY SENTIMENTS SETS from the Cutting Cafe....There are 10 different Candy sentiments sets...
I made these two boxes using the TOOTSIE CANDY SENTIMENT SET and the BOSTON BAKED BEANS CANDY SENTIMENTS.For this TOOTSIE ROLL one, I used some matching patter paper and wrapped it around the Tootsie Roll. I also used the SQUARE BOX WITH A FRONT WINDOW.....

This next one is just a small little box using the TINY BOX....it is filled with BOSTON BAKED BEANS...Don't forget to check out our CYBER MONDAY SALE going on right now.....We have some fun CUPCAKES SETS on special....hugs

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hello everyone, I have two projects to share with ya today.....first up it is inspiration time over at the Cafe's Blog, we are featuring projects using the LONG SENTIMENT TAG SET...
I decided to print directly onto a paper bag.....Need I say I love the way it looks BUT it took forever for me to get the image good...I think it was because a few of my bags just weren't that smooth...anyhoo, I love the way it came out.I ended up using the FEB 14 set for the heart plant image and then I use my Bosskut to cut out a heart right in the image.....I added some clear plastic so that you could see what was in the bag...which is cookies...the tag is part of the LONG SENTIMENT TAG SET....it is on special until Thursday...

Up next is my Valentine's Day card for my hubby....wwwwwwwwooooooooo can't believe I actually have it done early this year.....again I used the FEB 14 set.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME..............

Since I have posted....much as happened since my last post...The biggest thing is that my computer crashed which caused such a MESS to say the least. BUT I am back up and running and AM WISER from the whole process.

Okay Valentine's Day is just around the corner...YULP IT IS....and there has been lots of fun stuff released over at the Cafe....this is a long post so bare with me....

Up first is a set of HERSHEY KISS SETS:
The set also uses the new HERSHEY KISS VALENTINE BOTTOMS

Up next is a new set of HEART SHAPED CARDS
there are 3 different ones in the set. I made two cards from the set.
I also used the SWEETHEART background on this card.

Next is this fun HEART TREAT BOX

AND a heart tic tac box

AND finally a HEART POCKET set
wooooooooooo that was a long post, thanks for visiting me...HUGS