Wednesday, February 26, 2014


So most people who know me KNOW that I LOVE RIBBON............skinny, fat, dark, light, pattern, plain......whatever......I LOVE IT ALL.........

Recently I posted on facebook that if anybody wanted to TRUST me I would do a little RIBBON SHOPPING for them. There is this store about 1/2 hour from me that has some of the most pretty ribbon and it is only $1.00 A YARD.....

I had a few girls take me up on the offer so a SHOPPING I WENT....I think I pretty much clean the store out. It isn't a ribbon store, so I took a lot of their inventory...No need to worry the clerk told me though because they are placing a new order soon............CAN WAIT TO SEE THE NEW STUFF... much as I LOVE RIBBON, I love to package things up kind of pretty (smile) I decided first since they allowed me to be their shopper of 10 yards - which I through in a few more ribbons I wanted to package them using the RIBBON SPOOL SET from The Cutting Cafe...

I started with this: - I took the front of the SPOOL BOX and enlarged it to 10 inches.
The yummy paper is from the PAPER STUDIO - I got the pad from Hobby Lobby...LOVE IT
I cut them out first in chipboard then I covered the fronts and backs with the pattern paper.

Next I just started wrapping the assorted ribbons on the spool:
 I also added the I LOVE TO CREATE circle tag from the Cutting Cafe.

 Then I just topped it off with a mini wooden spool that I think I got from Michael's. I have been buying lots of pretty fabric lately - I just cut the fabric in strips and wrapped around the spools.  A little something some of you may not know - I use to back in the day have a business in which I made fabric stickers and fabric ribbon hence why my email address is the very bottom of this post is a card I did a long time ago using some of my FABRIC CUTUPS...hum maybe I will bring that business back...(smile)
 I still have a few more to wrap, but for now the ones that are done are sitting in this cute little tin basket I bought from Marshall's.
SOOOOOOOOOOOO I am in the RAK MOOD......if you would like the LARGE RIBBON SPOOL,
click on the link at the very bottom of my FABRIC CUTUPS is free until, well FOREVER.........(smile)
Oh yeah if you want to take a look at the full set, click is a fun set called RIBBON SPOOL SET.
It is perfect for giving your crafty friends some yummy jute and ribbon ......
here are 2 cards I made YEARS ago with FABRIC STICKERS....

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

PAPER FLOWERS...........

Hello I want to share with you all a few projects using two of the recently released sets from The Cutting Cafe. We released two 3d flower paper sets:

Here are a few projects using the LAYERED FLOWER SET:

 I enlarged one of the NESTING BOXES on the above sample.
The LAYERED FLOWER SET also comes with a flower window on the side.
 and the last LAYERED FLOWER project just shows it attached to a gift bag.
The other set PAPER FLOWERS is actually one of my far I have only made this one flowers......BUT.....I will be making lots more soon. 
Be sure to visit the Cafe's Blog tomorrow for lots of projects using these two sets from the design team. WE HAVE ALL WENT FLOWER CRAZY..............

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Thursday, February 20, 2014


whooooooooo so have you seen all 13 of the new SHAKER CARDS from the Cutting Cafe? these new sets are totally yummy and believe it or not SEQUINS are becoming a new fad.....I picked up a bunch of new glitter sets and bead sets from my local craft store as well as ordered some yummy sequins from Debbie's shop here.

I have several projects to share with you - for more details you can click here to order the sets and get more details. By the way each set is only $1.25 or for all 13 sets it is $6.99 :)

Butterfly shaker
Butterfly shaker 1

Butterfly shaker 2

Tag shaker

Star shaker
Ladybug shaker


Scallop shaker

Rattle shaker

Polaroid shaker

Marque frame shaker

Hourglass shaker


Cupcake shaker card

Circle shaker

Heart shaker card
Jar shaker
this project also uses the BERRY SWEET GREETINGS

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

FUN WITH BLOCKS..............

Hello friends.....boy do I have a fun project to share with you all today.....this week over at the Cafe's blog we are featuring projects using the FUN WITH BLOCKS set.....I love love love this is my take on the set:

and here is another project using the same set - I made a count down for my daughters graduation...

 this set has so many different possibilities....make sure you visit us Wednesday over on the blog to see the other ladies take on this fun set AND also one of the other dt's is having a BLOCK PARTY all this week....check out Debbie's blog for here.

Friday, February 14, 2014


Hello everyone...........
We have an overcast here today in California and I LOVE IT....
Today I wanted to share a recently released set from the Cutting Cafe called HANDMADE EMBELLISHMENT BOX.
This box is perfect for adding some handmade crafting goodies in it and it is perfect to hang on one of those clip it hangers or if you own a store to hang in your store.

I have a friend that can't seem to make the perfect bows (although I think her bows are fine) so I thought I would send her these.

 These 3d hearts were made using the LAYERED STITCHED HEART SET.

We are also featuring this set over ON OUR INSPIRATIONAL WEDNESDAY at the Cafe's blog. Come on by and check out all of the other awesome projects using this set.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


IT HAS FINALLY ARRIVED......................

 I have been on pins and needles to say the least waiting on HGTV'S March 2014 issue and now that it has finally arrived, I am in awe..........A huge THANK YOU to HGTV for a once in a life time experience that I will NEVER forget.

warning warning warning............
okay you have been WARNED..........

my post today is SUPER DUPER LONG..........I am ever so grateful for the entire process of being featured in the magazine that I want to share it with you all PLUS since I haven't been able to share my ENTIRE craft room with you all there are a MILLION PICTURES at the sit back, grab a cup of coffee, cocoa, glass a wine, water or whatever you like and read along.............

September 17, 2013 at 8:45am to be exact, I had a once in a life time experience.

Before I share that awesome day with you all, let me give you a bit of background as to why HGTV came to my home.

Last year my bestie gave me a subscription to HGTV magazine....LOVE LOVE LOVE their magazine.

Anyhoo, back around the beginning of 2013 the editor had a small article in the front of the book about I believe a small scrapping space that she had at home and she wanted to know if anyone else had a space that they loved....soooooooooooo of course I decided to just send a picture of my space to the email address in the book. Didn't really think anything of it.

Well fast forward about 2 months after that. I got an email from one of the editors that wanted to know more about my space. don't have to ask me twice. I emailed her back sharing with her how I had been in our 3rd car garage for just about 10 years and then my son moved out and I got the room upstairs. I sent her lots of photos of the room as well. Even though the room was only 50 percent done...

Well a few months passed and I never heard anything more..........FAST FORWARD to around the end of August 2013, they contacted me again and said that they loved my room and wanted to feature it in their March 2014 issue.........along with my MUG SHOT.

WHAT THE..................OMG OMG OMG.............I totally wanted to scream............omg omg omg.
I have had the privilege of having lots of my work published in magazines, BUT NEVER MY FACE...........that just takes it to a whole new least for me.

But check this out, after of course I told her YES....duh of course I said yes. I told her that, that was awesome that they were going to have a section in the March issue with scrap rooms..........she proceeded to tell me that...........OH NO, JUST YOU AND YOUR ROOM...........
WHAT THE..........OMG OMG OMG....

She said they had gotten several emails, but chose mine.
Okay the only thing I could think of was that, THAT WAS ALL GOD....I mean really....I have seen so many beautiful to die for rooms on Pinterest and to choose mine..........ONLY GOD COULD HAVE MADE THAT HAPPEN....boy I felt so blessed and grateful.

After this point I was on a mission to get the room as close to 100 percent done as I could.

.............OKAY SO NOW ON TO THE VERY BIG DAY............

SEPTEMBER 17, 2013 AT 8:45AM

4 People showed up: 2 photographers, 1 stylist and 1 hair and make-up lady

Photographer: John Merkl

Oh my HGTV couldn't have sent a more amazing, talented photographer...just check out his web site. His work is simply breathing taking.
John also brought along an assistant by the name of Daniel Hurlburt . They both made sure that all of the lighting in the room was perfect.

Pro Stylist: Marjolijn Reuter 

Marjolijn was so awesome to work with. She was the one to help with deciding what I should wear, but mostly with setting up the scenes in the room for taking the pictures. As in placing this ribbon here or placing stamps here. She also was in charge of putting me in certain places in the room and having me wrap a package, or stamp something etc.......I must say I have a whole new appreciation now when I look through magazines. Well at least HGTV'S magazines. They are very precise down to a piece of string...where it should be placed or not placed.......WOW WOW WOW

Hair and Makeup Artist: Akela Douglass

This gorgeous lady was in charge of doing my makeup and hair....I didn't even know I was going to be having my hair and makeup done. But oh my, I was excited about it because I have never in my life had my makeup done (don't wear much) and the only person that has ever done my hair is my mom and myself. So I was looking forward to having someone make me all pretty. (smile)
She does amazing work.

The team took several pictures of the room..........I MEAN LOADS. I was placed in 3 of the shots. One wrapping a present, one pulling out paper and the last one stamping on a sheet of paper. All along while the hair and makeup lady would touch me up a bit, fix my clothes etc....

Thank you so much Jaimie Dalessio for choosing me and sending only the best people to work with. You all are in a league of your own.

Now that I have the magazine in my possession...........I can now share my space with you all...a few things have changed since the photo shoot but not many....I still have a few more odds and ends to do to the room, but over all it's just about 100 percent done........ 

PHOTO OVER LOAD............

I decided to just share photos instead of doing a video like many others and the video camera are not always the best of friends........LOL

 YOU CAN CLICK ON THE PHOTOS TO MAKE THEM LARGER....if you have any questions, feel free to email me.....

in the beginning:

 few different room views:

updated photo


I was using this cd tower for a rubber stamp display (still need to remove the bottom ones), but I don't use stamps that often, so since I love all kinds of ribbon, trim and lace, I have decided to fill the spots with all sorts of NEW TRIM that I buy (smile).

this 9 drawer holds more ribbon that is wrapped on cardboard - the drawers are marked with a heart indicating the color of ribbon in the drawer

then i have more ribbon in 7 of these jars.........all color coordinated

 I also love some tall vintage spools.....need to put something on the tall empty one.....

 Random shelf with more ribbon, trim and misc items....

Random close-up pics

12 by 12 paper
8.5 by 11
Holder I made out of a lazy susan, cake pans and candle holders
 from my bestie it

 glitter, beads, embossing powder...

 some items that are in drawers

the shelves on this island have like my cuttlebug, cutting board etc...the bins on the bottom shelf are paper scraps....each labeled with a heart indicating the color of scraps in the bin.

 sewing station

  memo board that i redid from bestie

 jars jars jars
 stamps are now on a ledge (picture ledge from Ikea)

sprayed this a pretty yellow - .99cent thrift store find
wrapping paper station

 iron bench - this bench actually folds it...made all the pillows and seat cushions

 Well that's it everybody....
On another note, many people have asked me what do I do in my room or what kind of crafts I like to make....I pretty much love making cards and little bags and boxes to hold goodies but mostly I design a lot of project samples for my business - THE CUTTING CAFE.....COME BY AND CHECK IT OUT.

ALSO if you want to see the article online click here.
and last but not least a little campaign to make us all think...i put this little note in all of my correspondence......
thanks for stopping by...........hugs