Thursday, December 6, 2007


Okay as I mentioned a few post ago, this year I had decided to put my Christmas tree up really early as in a few days BEFORE Christmas....I had all these plans as to what I wanted to decorate with this year............well sadly said, I just can't seem to get my ideals to work out, so I am calling it quits and putting away everything that I didn't put up this year and was going to....YUCK...anyways here is what I finished with...kind of the same as last ooo,

I would love to see how everyone else decorated their trees/house this year....leave me a link here in the comment section....HAPPY HOLIDAYS...



You tree is beautiful......actually your home is beautiful. Sending you lots of warm holiday hugs!!!
Many blessings always, T

DeeDee said...

What are you talking about's looks decorated to me and it all beautiful!!!!! Love it!