Monday, May 27, 2013


earing out some of my Stampin up Stamps....Will have more later - if your looking for something let me know...I MAY HAVE IT....let me know if your interested....PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING...MOST have never even been used:

 Block Party 6.99 (used once) sold sold
 Calendar 4.99 (used once)
 Delight in Life 6.99 (never used)...SOLD SOLD
 Friend to Friend 9.99 (never used) - SOLD
 Nice and Narrow 5.99 (used once)
 So Many Sayings 6.99 (never used)
 Warm Words 6.99 (never used). SOLD

email me at   thanks

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Anonymous said...

The new EP Pure Wet is a masterclass in experimental baselines and echoey, breathy vocals all underpinned by
varying funk and R&B-based rhythms. If you own a Black - Berry
9550 Storm 2, Black - Berry Curve 8530, Black - Berry Tour 9630, Black
- Berry Storm 9530, Black - Berry Curve 8330, Black - Berry World 8830, Black - Berry Pearl Flip
8230, or Black - Berry Pearl Flip 8130, then you can listen to nearly a thousand songs on a single micro
- SD card. This was a live performance recorded by Dutch national television,
2 April 2011 (therefore it isn't fully cough free), by four pianists: Elisabeth Bergmann, Marcel Bergmann, Sandra van Veen, and Jeroen van Veen.

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