Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Hello all,
I was recently introduced to some of the pretty vintage armoires on Chairish, and was invited to offer some ideas on filling one up with some crafting supplies.

I absolutely think ANY room, small space, corner and more can be used for your very own crafting space. I myself was in our garage for over 10 years and while I loved having my OWN space if I wouldn't have had a garage I could have totally went with storing many of my crafting supplies in a pretty armoire. I actually know many ladies that do.

The key to storing your items in such a space is filling the space with the right type of containers. Try to first purge items that you haven't used in over a year for sure. Next sort out all your supplies in one open space and then organize the stuff......ribbon here, buttons here, paper here...etc.

After that is done, I would fill the armoire with containers and jars from the picture below. By the way all of the items in the picture below come from CHARISH. So you will be able to pick up just about everything you need (besides the crafting supplies) at this online store.

I find it very easy to see exactly what you have if you stick to mainly clear jars. They are good for storing buttons, ribbons and other embellishments. You can even put markers and stuff in them. The more colorful the better. Actually also the more colorful you set up your space when you go to open up your armoire it might just take you to a new happy place with all the bright, cheerful colors.

Use the solid containers that you can't see through for items that you might not want to display. For example like tapes, glues etc. The baskets are great for pretty ribbon and washi tape. The brown wooden pull out drawers are perfect for paper. You can lay the paper nicely in them..

And finally be sure to add some nice lighting to the sides of your armoire. It will look great on the sides of the armoire plus since this armoire is doing double duty when not in use the lighting will look nice with the rest of your decor in your space.

One other bit of advice especially since it is doing double duty, if you can be sure to put all your supplies back in their proper place when done. Believe me, it makes it so much more easier when your trying to find supplies each time your making a project.

Regina E.


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