Saturday, October 7, 2017


Hello all, I think I go down in history as the worst blog updater....I just can't seem to get into a groove at posting regularly....

Anyhoo, I did take a moment to type about our current design team post going on over on the Cafe's blog............We are featuring projects using the
I always say that if you want to give a card AND a little treat all in one, these are perfect.
Be sure to visit our blog to see all of the other girls work....THEY ARE THE BEST....hugs


Gail said...

A Beautiful Treat Cup Card creation and cut--- [I am terrible at posting on Facebook -- hehe] I posted that I am on your Design Team and my friends/family came out of the Woodwork --- hehehe - my BFF now lives in Tenn - she posted a lovely comment as she know how much of a Crafting Freak I am [and how I rarely spend my time at FB - she know I live in my crafting room --- Thanks again for having me on the team Regina - feeling very blessed! I visited all of the designer blogs and they have wonderful work there! Whoot! Whoot! ~ Have a blessed week~

Verna Angerhofer said...

All of the treat cups are so fun and well done. I really like the one you made too! Makes me want to grab a bag of candy corn now. LOL I would do more of this if I had a way to cut it other then by hand. My fingers sometimes get all cramped up with too much fussy cutting.